Bin Floors

Bin Floor 1b


JTL's floors started the same way as with many of our other products....customer first solution. Many of the older bins on the farm suffer from 3 big issues. The bin isn't big enough, the floor is rotting out and it has a tiny cumbersome door. You can purchase and add rings to help with the capacity issues but rings are expensive, sometimes they are unavailable and even if you can find rings you still have the issues with the rotten floor and that tiny door. There simply had to be a better way and we've found it with our 6 foot replacement floors. JTL bin floors solve all three issues in one simple, well designed package that just works the way it supposed to. Our floors solve all three issues allowing you to add addtional capacity, with a completely new floor made from heavy gauge steel and a door that is guaranteed to make you smile every time you use it. Our floors fit any manufacturer and all sizes.

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