Galvanized Bin

We are very excited to offer our newest line of bins. These bins are big and beautiful and, just like everything else from JTL Industries heavier than our competition.  Due to the acceptance in the industry of our bins we have found ourselves in the position of not being able to manufacture enough smooth-wall bins to fill the demand. In addition shipping the larger smooth-wall bins was also an ongoing concern which needed to be addressed. Customers liked our line of Force hopper as well as our flat bottom floors and we had numerous requests to build a larger version of these bins. These factors made the decision to add corrugated bins into our line-up a very easy one!

You can now purchase corrugated bins mounted on either our award-winning “FORCE” air hopper. They are available in 24 foot sizes give us a call to discuss how these bins can help revolutionize how you store grain on your farm!

      Bushels Hopper Hopper Bin Side Bin & Roof Overall Overall
Model Bushels Cubic Ft Height per Ring Degree Height Wall Height Height" Height Ft
2407 11816 13900 44'5" 1391 35 138 308 395 533 44.42