Smooth Wall Bin


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JTL Industries Ltd. is very proud to introduce our Force Air 360 line of bins and replacement hoppers. We believe this system will change the way aeration is viewed. Our Force Air 360 line has incorporated the skid and legs into the most effective aeration system currently available. The unique design uses the hopper base and legs to distribute the air into the hopper itself. The fan feeds air into the skid which also doubles as a plenum. From there the air then travels up the legs and is distributed into the bin through a series of strategically placed channels on the hopper face.

This revolutionary aeration system sets our bins apart. The wider skid, which allows for a more stable base for the bin to stand on, also doubles as the Plenum for the aeration system. The fan brings air into the skid, pushes it up the legs and through the strategically-placed distribution points across the cone-face and into the grain. There are no cumbersome tubes in the bin. The air moves up from the bottom of the bin rather than the top of the cone as with traditional systems. This allows for even air flow through the entire bin. By using the existing infrastructure, we have been able to eliminate some of the costs and frustrations associated with aeration today, but we haven’t stopped there. We recently in combination with our engineering group have come up with a way to remove all of the radial bars leaving the area under the hopper free of obstructions allowing farmers unrestricted access to the chute from virtually any angle, just one more example of JTL leading the way in innovations by putting the needs of its customers first.

We can also offer a fertilizer bin without air (FT) or a fertilizer bin with air (FTA). The advantages of a fertilizer bin with air is you have a bin in the yard that you can use for grain or fertilizer depending upon your needs at the time.


Adjustable chute orientation
Flush-mounted aeration system
 2x Roof vents
Easy adjust ladders
3 stainless site glasses

Easy-access manway
Sand-blasted and high uv rated 2 part polyurethane paint 
Full length heavy 12 gauge steel
Lid opener and handle
*New* Radial bar free design


Contact info for Sales / Dealers please click here



Grain Bins   Min.   Roof Hopper   Metric
Model Bushels Cubic Ft Auger* Height Degree Degree Imp Tons Tonnes
1615 3270 3847 50' 29'3" 35 40 119 108
1620 4116 4843 60' 34'3" 35 40 150 136
1625 4962 5838 70' 39'3" 35 40 181 164
1630 5808 6833 80' 44'3" 35 40 212 192
1815 4180 4918 50' 30'8" 35 40 152 138
1820 5235 6159 60' 35'8" 35 40 191 173
1825 6290 7400 70' 40'8" 35 40 229 208
1830 7346 8642 80' 45'8" 35 40 268 243